620 Reading Room at Vitsœ

The re-engineered 620 Chair Program has landed and it’s time to celebrate. In collaboration with the venerable Dashwood Books, we will host the 620 Reading Room from Friday, May 17 through Monday, May 20 at 33 Bond. Do join us.

Throughout the weekend, the 620 Reading Room provides the perfect pause or pick-me-up with books, coffee and chairs aplenty. The books: 25 titles hand-picked by Dashwood Books featuring work by Robert Mapplethorpe, Ari Marcopoulous, and Walter Pfeiffer, among others. The coffee: complimentary Intelligentsia pour-overs served by Gasoline Alley Coffee.

Join us from Friday, May 17 through Monday, May 20, 11am - 7pm (coffee 2 - 5pm through Sunday).