Built from the inside out

Much of the chair’s integrity is hidden from view; at every level the highest-quality materials have been used.

The base is constructed from precision-engineered birch ply and houses a traditional coil-sprung construction. This in turn is over-laid with a rubberized-coir molding (a mixture of torn coconut husks and natural rubber). The arms and backs are made from warm-pressed sheet-molding compound, a material similar to – but stronger than – fiberglass. Designed and built to last a lifetime and more.

Midnight leather high-back chair with footstool
More than a chair, a sofa as well

A kit of parts, not just a chair

The 620 Chair Program adapts to life’s inevitable changes. Only the pig-nosed bolts reveal the simple interchangeability of components: an arm can be removed so that another chair, or two, or three can be added to make a sofa as long as you need.

With feet to the rear and castors in front, your chair is easily repositioned. Or, with the option of a swivel base, 620 constantly surprises.

Configure your chair

Matures with age

The ideal balance between comfort and longevity is achieved through pocketed cushions filled with a mixture of feather and rhombic-cut foam chips. This ensures a consistent cushion-structure for years to come.

The full-grain uncoated leather is available in six colors. It shows its natural characteristics – scars, scratches and wrinkles – and will develop an enviable patina with time. If and when the need arises you can turn your sofa into chairs, replace your upholstery, or change your scuff panel when, well, scuffed.

The natural characteristics of the leather
Purpose-designed tools and bolts ensure intuitive assembly

Worldwide delivery, easy assembly and lifelong support

We only sell direct to you. Upon delivery to your door, a surprisingly compact package will leave door-frames and windows intact. The design of 620 is truly appreciated during pain-free assembly using your magnetized assembly tool. At which point you’ll be perfectly placed for a good sit down.

Of course, components bought today are compatible with your decades-old 620 chair. This ethos has been fundamental to Vitsœ since 1959 and we have no intention of changing.