Free delivery

At Vitsœ we are able to deliver free of charge within the UK, EU, US and Canada.

This means you pay one price for your product, and will never be charged an additional delivery fee.

If you order additional components in years to come, you won’t be charged for delivery – there is no penalty for starting small and adding later.

Your country’s customs taxes and duties will still apply. Delivery fees will apply to countries outside of the UK, EU, US and Canada.

Where we deliver

We can deliver to most countries worldwide, but for some countries, it is not always possible to deliver door-to-door and our shippers will only be able to deliver to a port.

If you have ordered via a planner, they will always inform you of this before any payment is taken. If you have ordered online, your delivery time and details will be provided before you complete your purchase.

There is a short list of countries to which we cannot deliver directly. They are:

  • Belarus
  • Burma/Myanmar
  • Cuba
  • Democratic Republic of Congo
  • Iran
  • North Korea
  • Somalia
  • Sudan
  • Syria
  • Zimbabwe
  • Russia
  • Ukraine
  • Crimea

But no matter how you have come to Vitsœ, please call or email if you’re unclear about any aspect of delivery.

How long will it take?

We estimate the delivery date based on stock availability, time to assemble and transit time.

  • for smaller orders (parcel-size) of items in stock, your order is typically assembled and dispatched within 3-4 days
  • for larger orders, your order is typically assembled and dispatched within 1-2 weeks

Note: At this time it is possible that your order may take slightly longer than usual to process. Please contact a planner for details regarding specific orders.

Once we have dispatched your order the transit time depends on how it is delivered, and where it’s going. These are typical transit times per country:

United States

Smaller orders: 3-5 days
Larger orders: East coast 5-7 weeks, West coast 8-10 weeks


Smaller orders: 1 day
Larger orders: 1-2 weeks

Germany, Switzerland, France, Austria, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg

Smaller orders: 2-4 days
Larger orders: 2-3 weeks


Smaller orders: 2-3 days
Larger orders: 1-2 weeks


Smaller orders: 3-5 days
Larger orders: 1-2 weeks


Smaller orders: 5-10 days
Larger orders: 1-2 weeks

Rest of the world

Smaller orders: 2-5 days
Larger orders: 1-2 weeks

If you’d like to change your delivery date

For deliveries to the UK, when you buy online and provide your mobile phone number in the checkout, the courier will send you a text message the day before your order is dispatched, allowing you to choose an alternative date.

For deliveries outside the UK, or if you made your order in person or over the phone, we can still arrange delivery for a day that best suits you – just email or call us to arrange a better date.

Taxes & duties

The details of taxes and duties are very specific, country-to-country. Below is our best understanding of basic customs information, but for complete, up-to-date details, you should inquire with the customs officials at your order destination.

We do know that in a few countries it may be necessary for you to be a registered importer before the local customs will allow the final delivery of the goods. A tax number is normally needed for this.

United States

Once your shipment has cleared customs, you have two weeks to receive your delivery or you will be charged storage fees.

There are no import duties or tax for deliveries from the EU (you might see this as ‘delivery duty paid (DDP)’ on your order).


If you order as an individual, you will be liable to pay Harmonized Sales Tax (HST), which is a combination of Goods and Service Tax (GST) and Provisional Sales Tax (PST) in Canada.

If you order as a company, your company will be liable to pay PST alone.

You will need a customs broker to clear and release the goods from customs. If you have your own customs broker, please let us know after you have placed your order and we can arrange for our shippers to liaise directly with them.


UK orders are subject to Value Added Tax (VAT), unless you’re in the Channel Islands or Isle of Man.

Orders to Jersey will be charged Goods and Service Tax (GST) on orders exceeding a threshold value.


There are no import duties or tax for EU deliveries (you might see this as ‘delivery duty paid (DDP)’ on your order).

Orders are subject to UK VAT (Value Added Tax). VAT can be removed from an order invoiced to a business if you provide a valid EU VAT number when you order.


There are no import duties or tax for deliveries from the EU (you might see this as ‘delivery duty paid (DDP)’ on your order).

Non-EU European, Hong Kong, and the rest of the World

You are responsible for any local taxes or import duties levied at your destination (this is called ‘delivery at place (DAP)’ which means the price you pay to Vitsœ excludes any duty or taxes).

The local shipping agent will contact you to arrange payment. Payment will be necessary to release the goods from customs.

At your door

Deliveries always arrive with you on a weekday, Monday to Friday. You will know the date of your delivery in advance, either through your planner or via the courier.

The courier will only be able to deliver your parcel to the main entrance of your address; they will not be able to bring the goods inside.

We insure your goods for each delivery and take responsibility for the transport of the goods until you sign for them. Thereafter the responsibility transfers to you.

Accept and check your order

First, check the outer packaging before signing the courier receipt. If the outer packaging is damaged, please email or call us right away.

Next, open your Vitsœ delivery boxes and check the contents carefully, then let us know of any damaged or missing items within 48 hours.

Returning damaged or missing items

Recycle your packaging

We pack our items well. If you are a regular customer you will also notice that we continue to refine our packaging to offer the best balance of strength and protection with minimal bulk.

If you are able, please return your packaging to us for reuse or retain it for future use. All Vitsœ packaging can be recycled.