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Tell us about your space

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We can plan more effectively if we know the full dimensions of your space.

Please give us your full wall width and floor-to-ceiling height, even if you only want to use part of it.

A solid wall sounds true and solid when you tap it with your knuckle.

A hollow wall will sound hollow when you tap it. A crisp sound probably indicates gypsum board (sheetrock/Gyproc) while a dull sound in an older property might indicate plaster on wood lath.

Photographs really help. We can spot issues that you might not have thought about.

Any sketch or drawing will also help, even if it is your scribble on the back of an envelope. Take a picture of it and send it to us.

All information is valuable to us.

How do you want to use your system?

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That’s fine. By contacting us, you are not committing to anything (our planning service is free). We do not earn commission (that rewards short-term thinkers). You can order now, later or never. It’s up to you.

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