Modular shelving system in a living room. Vitsœ 606 Universal shelving system. Design Dieter Rams. Off-white.

As the original and only maker of Dieter Rams’s 606 Universal Shelving System, we sell directly to all customers worldwide – ensuring a fair and honest price for everyone.

  • Start small.
  • Add to it.
  • Take it with you.
  • Reconfigure it.
  • Hand it on.

Modular furniture for your changing life

The 606 Universal Shelving System is a kit of parts which can evolve and adapt to different environments and spaces.

No two orders are the same. You can buy a single shelf or an entire library.

Modular shelving system in the study/home office. Off-white. Vitsœ 606 Universal shelving system. Design Dieter Rams.
Your personal planning service

Whether placing your first order, or moving to a new home, each shelving system is planned precisely for your needs by a dedicated personal designer. We call this person a ‘planner’.

Available online, by telephone or face-to-face in our shops, our planners actively encourage you to buy less, initially, and only add more later if you need to.

There is no obligation to buy. Our service is free of charge, always.

Vitsœ planner
Vitsœ planner

“One and a half years after my first order, working with the same person is pretty cool.”

From a long-standing Vitsœ customer
Vitsœ planner
Vitsœ planner
We don’t earn commission

Vitsoe planners are focused on building long-term relationships rather than chasing a sale.

Meet our planners


At the core of the 606 Universal Shelving System is the aluminium E-Track.

Shelves, cabinets and tables are simply hung with a pin from the E-Tracks – without the need for tools.

Shelves can be hung in three different orientations: upright, upside-down, or rotated vertically for use as a magnetic ‘pinboard’.

A perfect fit

There are two available ‘bay’ widths – narrow and wide – which can combine and repeat to fit almost any available space. For example, there are 27 possible bay combinations for a 5m-wide wall.

Narrow bay Wide bay


606 shelving system in an alcove, living room. Vitsœ, design Dieter Rams
606 sideboard cabinets. Vitsœ, design Dieter Rams 606 shelving system, studio and bookshelf, in black. Vitsœ, design Dieter Rams

Period or modern

The 606 Universal Shelving System was conceived to be timeless. Its discreet, adaptable design works well and looks good in every conceivable kind of interior, old or new.

Whether you live in a 15th-century cottage or a contemporary architectural masterpiece, 606 suits homes (and offices) of all shapes and sizes, no matter the setting.

606 shelving system in off-white, with cabinets and bookshelves. Vitsœ, design Dieter Rams

A design classic

“Design classic” and the adjective “designer” are over-used. But the 606 Universal Shelving System is the work of Dieter Rams.

Rams created 606 for Vitsœ in 1960 at the age of 28, going on to become one of the foremost industrial designers of the 20th century.

We are proud of him and his work – and we are delighted that many respected commentators regard our self-effacing shelving system as a design classic.

Dieter Rams
Dieter Rams and mark Adams in Dieter’s studio.
Exclusive worldwide licence

Vitsœ is the exclusive worldwide licensee of Dieter Rams’s complete collection of original furniture designs: including, of course, 606.


The inherent adaptability of 606 allows it to be installed on almost any type of wall – or even in spaces without a wall.

E-Tracks can be added together lengthways. They can also be attached to X-Posts to avoid wall obstructions, or to form a compressed floor-to-ceiling system.

Wall mounted

If you have a clear, solid or plasterboard wall, you can attach an E-Track directly to it.

Wall mounted 606 structure illustration

Semi-wall mounted

If your wall is obstructed or slightly uneven, the E-Track may be attached to an X-Post and stood in front of the wall.

Semi-wall mounted 606 structure illustration


If you have no wall nearby, the E-Track may be attached to one or both sides of the X-Post, and compressed between the floor and ceiling.

Compressed mounted 606 structure illustration

Transcending fashion

We do not pander to fashion: our products and colours will never become obsolete.

You can add to your shelving system after many years, safe in the knowledge that the same colours will be available.

Therefore our shelving system is intentionally limited to six colour-combinations and four individual colours: off-white, black, silver and beech.

Vitsœ 606 shelving system, off white. Dieter Rams design
Two drawer cabinet. Vitsœ 606 shelving system, off white. Dieter Rams design
Vitsœ 606 shelving system, in black. Dieter Rams design
Two drawer cabinet. Vitsœ 606 shelving system, in black. Dieter Rams design
Vitsœ 606 shelving system, in silver. Dieter Rams design
Two drawer cabinet. Vitsœ 606 shelving system, in silver. Dieter Rams design
Vitsœ 606 shelving system, in off-white and beech. Dieter Rams design
Two drawer cabinet. Vitsœ 606 shelving system, in off-white and silver. Dieter Rams design
Vitsœ 606 shelving system, in black. Dieter Rams design
Two drawer cabinet. Vitsœ 606 shelving system, in black. Dieter Rams design
Vitsœ 606 shelving system, in silver and beech. Dieter Rams design
Two drawer cabinet. Vitsœ 606 shelving system, in silver and beech. Dieter Rams design

Built to last

Much of the furniture Vitsœ ever made is still in use today. How do we know? Because we see it in our loyal customers’ homes and offices time and again.

For more than 60 years the idea has always been that our adaptable and faithful furniture encourages customers to start by buying only what they need, adding to it as their lives develop … and even handing it on to the next generation.

In short, Vitsœ grows with you.

Children study/playroom with Vitsœ 606 Universal Shelving System, wall-mounted off-white. Design Dieter Rams

“Well. When I get taller, I can just move the desk up higher can’t I? I won’t need anything else. I can keep it all until I grow up and go to university. I won’t need to get other shelves or a new desk my whole life.”

Jana Welcome to Jana’s playroom
Obsolescence-resistant design

Once you realise that 606 is genuinely built to last – and to be repaired – you quickly realise that it might be considered … er … cheap.

What is the cost?

You are making a genuine life-long investment.

The most frequently heard comment from Vitsœ’s new customers is: “I wish I had done this sooner”.

For example, if your
order costs £520,
over 10 years that’s
£52 a year, or £1 a week.

That’s less than your streaming service…

All prices depend on configuration, and include VAT

390 to 585 GBP
890 to 1,174 GBP
Prices that hold

We regularly see 606 components selling on the second-hand market for around the same price as new (or more).

This means that, ultimately, 606 costs you less than cheaper alternatives.

Honest pricing
1,500 to 2,280 GBP
520 to 604 GBP
You can buy less today…

…safe in the knowledge that you can return tomorrow, next year, or in ten years’ time for additional components.

Getting started

You can download a planning guide and price list, or browse our components page.

When you’re ready, you can submit an inquiry. A drawing and price for your system will be prepared for you to view online.

Shelves and prices
4,780 to 5,868 GBP

How do I buy from you?

Measure and photograph 
your space …

… and tell us how you want to use your system

We will plan with you …

How to buy

Responsible delivery

For a product that lasts a lifetime, a bit of extra time for delivery shouldn’t cost the earth.

We deliver direct to your door – via land or sea – free of charge. We only send by air when it cannot be avoided.

Made in England

We make our furniture in our purpose-built production building, in Royal Leamington Spa in the heart of England. Our team takes unusual care to ensure your order arrives as thoughtfully packed as possible.

Home installation

It is easy for you or your capable friend to install your shelving system. We supply comprehensive installation instructions together with all the necessary wall fixings and templates.

If you would prefer, ask us about our installation service when planning your system.

Our installers will take all of the packaging away for reuse.

“The installers were fabulous; punctual, so friendly and knowledgeable about Vitsœ, and left zero mess.”

Vitsœ customer

Frequently asked questions

What are the delivery lead-times from purchase to dispatch?

Delivery lead-times are calculated based on a number of factors such as your location, the size of your order and the dispatch method.

For the 606 Universal Shelving System, a member of our dedicated planning team will be able to provide a delivery estimate based on the nature of your potential order and your particular circumstances. We’ll also provide estimates within your order confirmation and order dispatch emails.

For 620 chairs and 621 tables, our online purchase tools provide accurate delivery estimates on screen.

Do you have sales or offer discounts?

We charge all our customers – including architects and interior designers – a single, fair, honest price and we do not have seasonal sales because our stock does not become obsolete.

How do I know what type of wall I have?

The best method to deduce the type of wall is by knocking on the wall. Additionally, the age and type of building can be considered.

As a rough guide:

A solid wall is made of masonry, brick or concrete. It sounds true and solid when you tap it with your knuckle. It is ideal.

A plasterboard / gypsum-board wall sounds hollow and consistently crisp wherever you tap.

If you are unsure whether a wall is plasterboard / gypsum-board or lath-and-plaster, try running your palm over the surface. A wall that is perfectly straight is likely to be plasterboard / gypsum board, one with undulations is likely to be lath-and-plaster.

A wall which varies from dull to hollow sounding may either have blown plaster or have cavities at some points in the wall.

If in doubt, please consult your planner.

More FAQs