At Vitsœ we always have an eye open for like-minded, passionate, affable people who might want to work with us. (And, if you are like-minded, you will have read all of the following, and quite a bit of this website, before contacting us.)

The current vacancies are beneath this section. Intentionally.

Who are we?

Long term

In a world where short-term gain, cutting corners, insincerity and depersonalisation have become the norms, we try to build long-term relationships with our customers, suppliers and employees by treating them respectfully, and by demonstrating that we are clearly committed to you/them for the long term.

We will not accept short-term gain at the expense of long-term loss.


If you have ever dealt with us, you will hopefully have discovered that we attach as much importance to the integrity of the people who pack your boxes, drive our vans and install your shelves as we do to those who answer the telephones, plan your shelving systems or pay the bills (on time).


As a customer once pointed out to us, Vitsœ is a wonderfully eclectic group of people of all ages that includes everyone from artists to zoologists – and lots inbetween (writers, painters, sculptors, leatherworkers, musicians, weavers, modelmakers, sailors, photographers, road-racers and mountain-bikers). Many of us at Vitsœ can boast of a childhood fascination with Lego. Does this sound familiar?


Vitsœ is an international and multi-cultural business with customers, suppliers, employees and locations across the globe. Diversity breeds creativity and, in an environment where employees are encouraged to think for themselves, the better and richer solutions come from the breadth of Vitsœ’s employees. Vitsœ is an employer with a diverse workforce that provides equal opportunities for everyone regardless of their gender, religion or belief, ethnic, cultural or national origins, disability, sexual orientation, marital status, education or age.

Just a job?

We are always delighted to receive interesting CVs so please email yours if you would like to consider joining us. However, be sure to tell us, in writing, why you think that working at Vitsœ might make a difference to both your life and to Vitsœ. We need to know that you want to work with us, not that you just want a job.

Oh, and think twice before sending a CV that lists your interests as “going to cinema, meeting friends”. Is that really all there is to you?

What happens next?

You should be aware that we will want to talk to you on the telephone before we meet you, and that we might ask you to prepare a short presentation on an obscure topic for your interview or to bring something you have made with you.

If you are successful at interview, we will ask you to spend a trial day with us when you will have the opportunity to discover much more about us.

And finally, once you start working with us, there will be an agreed trial period during which both you and we can assess if the chemistry really works.


If any of the above is not to your liking, then it is best if you do not contact us in the first place. We do not wish to waste your time.

Current vacancies


33 Bond Street, New York is an unusual retail environment. We not only display our furniture but we seek to provoke, educate and amuse with our series of quirky events and exhibitions.

We wish to recruit a creative, problem-solving, articulate and good-humored person to join our planning team at 33 Bond Street, New York.

You will be advising our customers and planning their furniture so that they too become convinced of the merits of living better with less that lasts longer.

You will be required to work most Saturdays (our busiest day) and will assist the day-to-day running of the shop. You must be trustworthy and naturally computer literate. Of course, you will be at home in the worlds of art, architecture and design so that you can engage with our knowledgeable and loyal customers. Salary will be according to skills and experience.

How to apply

Download the full job description, then email your covering letter and your CV.

Please explain why working at Vitsœ might make a difference to both your life and ours. We need to know that you want to work with us, not that you just want a job. Download the full job description (PDF file, 41KB)

Start date

As soon as possible


Dependent on experience


New York NY 10012

Vitsœ graduate trainee programme

We believe passionately that there can be more to this world than simply creating yet more stuff – stuff that has an ever-shorter lifecycle that ends up in an ever-larger hole. At Vitsœ our challenging job is to convince ever-more people to live better, with less, that lasts longer. It’s not easy.

To that end, we are always looking for eager, committed and principled graduates to join our year-long graduate trainee programme that will immerse you in each area of the business.

Our most successful employees at Vitsœ joined us soon after college or university, and grew into jobs they have been able to fashion for themselves.

The variety of potential roles is great, ranging from the dotcom side of Vitsœ – UX, UI, coding – via personnel, finance and purchasing to product development, production and sales.

The graduate trainee programme offers you the chance to grow, learn, and develop into one of those roles – suited to you and to us – by the end of the year.

Vitsœ is a demanding environment. Being single-minded is tough. It’s easy to follow this year’s whim. We measure success by your ability to stand by your strongly-held beliefs. It’s not easy.

How to apply

If this strikes a chord, get in touch in a way that expresses who you are and why working at Vitsœ might make a difference to both your life and ours. Download the full job description (PDF file, 38KB)


New York-based…and travelling