Now, even better value
Honest pricing and remorseless improvements result in lower prices for our customers.

We can be a contrary bunch at Vitsoe; it has become a tradition to start the year by reminding everyone why we do not have a sale.

We do not mark up our products so that we can discount; we operate all year on the same fair prices. Our margins are considerably lower than the industry norm. And, of course, our stock rarely becomes obsolete: 606 components made today are compatible with systems from 1960 to the present.

The price of our cabinets has been reduced by 20% and the price of beech and black finishes is now consistent with off-white.

These savings are the result of more efficient manufacturing processes along with changes to stocking, assembly and transport practises. We are even saving some money by paying our suppliers sooner. Most amazingly, we have been able to increase quality, especially to the painted finish of the cabinets.

While we feel a duty to remind you that you can buy your first system from Vitsoe for surprisingly little money, we understand that not everyone wants a cabinet on day one. But now day two will be more pleasurable.

Please contact one of our planning team to add a cabinet to your current system or to begin planning a new one.

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