Celebrating a shared passion
Inventory magazine shop-in-shop at Vitsœ in New York.

Inventory magazine at Vitsœ New York

At Vitsœ our eyes are always peeled for those who help to make all of our lives just a little bit better. So, it was a great thrill when we discovered Inventory magazine. A shared passion for longevity, thoroughness, quality – and downright super production values – told us that we were in this together.

Inventory Magazine at Vitsœ New York

From November 5 through 10 only we will be laying down our New York shop to Inventory. Empty Vitsœ shelves will be filled with featured items from Eleanor Pritchard, Fennica, Shino Takeda and Papier Labo, offering a mix of homewares, pottery, and printed pieces to improve the quality of your life…or your nearest and dearest.