…about design

How do I like my Vitsoe system? I LOVE it!!!! Really, I could design-geek-out for hours about how genius the system is. My husband and I installed: so easy and not one fight! I can not get over the intelligence and beauty of this shelving system.
From a doting designer in
New York

One of those rare projects that did not result in any kind of a marital disagreement, just two satisfied people who love the shelves!
From an American bibliophile

By far the best thing about the entire delivery was – of course – the biodegradable packaging material.
Best wishes from Rome

It all started with a call from a Customs Officer who informed me the parts for my system arrived from the UK. She simply asked that I verify my home address. Two days later, all the parts arrived – neatly packaged in the Vitsœ boxes and tubes.

I assembled a crew of three: an engineer, an interior decorator and myself (I’m a .. well .. er .. lawyer). Building the system took a mere three hours. Obligatory man-beers were imbided after completion. The system looks sharp: I go into the den for no reason but to stare at the shelves.
From Honolulu, Hawaii

All aspects of the process have been outstanding: excellent communications, quick delivery time, lovely/effective packaging, beautiful spacer levels and, of course, great shelves.
From the riverside serenity of Wivenhoe, Essex

Really, the distribution part was incredible. The shipping boxes arrived in pristine condition the next morning after being shipped! The boxes seemed to have been treated very nicely by FedEx, but, the packaging design looked solid enough to survive virtually anything.
From Chicago, USA

Your planning guide is a paragon of design.
From an elegant earringed gentleman

Thank you for the very timely quote for the Vitsœ shelves. My I??a shelves decided to collapse today!
From a prospective convert who was rich enough to buy cheaply

Very much enjoyed the ease of installation and the clarity of the instructions; I teach graphic design at Bath School of Art and have shown my students all the various pieces of Vitsœ printed matter as examples of high quality design.
From an information designer

I am exceptionally pleased with the Vitsœ system. It was very easy to install, particularly with the very clear and simple-to-follow instruction book. The system is much admired by my friends.
From a consulting engineer

Thanks for organising the shelves for my house. My 5 year-old made me a card she was so impressed.
From a 5 year-old

Due to my husband’s job, we move very often. I can move anywhere with my family and with all of my books, when I saw our Vitsoe on the wall I thought “this is forever, always with us”.
From a customer with itchy feet

It all arrived and looks better than we could ever have imagined. What a truly astonishingly good design and service! We are just so very pleased and impressed.
From an Oxfordshire- manor dweller

The Vitsœ product, attention to every detail and the efficiency of your service never fail to impress me.
From a product designer who knows a thing or two about detail

What can I say? The point really, I suppose, is that your company has comprehensively achieved its aim. A rigorously-designed, understated and timeless product which is presented and described, both on the website and in printed literature, with an impressive and satisfying clarity.

It’s an object lesson in communication. In my work as an architect who enjoys the nuts and bolts of how different products and materials join together to form resolved and intentional designs, I relish coming across information that is this comprehensive, clear and transparent; I think it’s probably the best I’ve encountered.
From a Wiltshire architect

I am a designer; but what’s the point in designing shelving? It’s already been done.
From a furniture designer (and customer)

It looks unbelievably good! The system is so beautifully designed and so well thought out to the smallest details, including the shipping boxes, that it’s a pleasure to put such a thing together. My biggest problem in assembling it was to remember where I last left that little Torx wrench!

I am an extremely satisfied customer. I will send photos soon, as it really is a great looking and working system. It is so rewarding to execute a plan that is even more pleasing in reality than it was in imagination.
From Miami, USA

The instruction booklet deserves a gold medal. It is very rare you come across the written word with such thought, wit and care. I actually found myself reading the instructions which were unrelated to my particular system just because they were such a good read! Very sad!
From a landscape architect with time on his hands

The shelves arrived and in a fit of enthusiasm and excitement, my wife and I installed them in the evening. They look amazing. They look really great and were remarkably easy to install. The spirit levels you supplied were the missing link for us. The only problem now is that I want more, lots more. We are happy, very happy.
From San Francisco, USA

…about service

I just wish every company in the world was like Vitsoe. Arrived on time, properly packed and secured, and everything you needed inside as ordered. Your company is a credit to all of you working within it.
From an Irish solicitor

I have never had such a positive and intuitive experience such as this with any other manufacturer of any other product.
From a Brooklyn-based artist

Thanks very much for managing so well from the order to the delivery. I’m really impressed.
From Paris, France

We are thrilled with the shelves. The house is still a work-in-progress and we only moved in three weeks ago, so things are still quite chaotic. If only the whole project went as smoothly as the supply and fitting of the Vitsœ shelves, I’d die happy!
From a Birkin-bag owner

Loving it! I’ve been spreading the word…your product and service is fantastic. Please take over the running of… a) Transport for London… b) all telecoms companies

The way you handled the job was fantastic. Particularly memorable were: designing on the laptop in situ, the online facility, the reuse of packaging, the handwritten confirmation card…and the absolute professionalism of you all.
From a bubbly London graphic designer(ess)

A flawless product matched by flawless services. What more can I say?
From the senior partner of a very large architectural practice

I used to think your customer service was very good, but…now I know it’s phenomenal! Thanks for sorting out my problem so quickly and efficiently.
From a copywriting photographer

The service you provided was exceptional – very easy to use and all went according to time, budget and specification!
From a busy team leader at a London architectural practice

It is surprising to receive such white-glove manufacturer support on a chair which is probably 40-50 years old and no less surprising how comfortable, cool and modern the chair feels and looks at such vintage. It is truly a plush ride.
From a customer in New Mexcio

Thanks for a really excellent service…it’s a real pleasure to deal with people who know their job and clearly enjoy doing it.
From a film fan in London

Both my wife and I feel we should let you know the level of consideration and professionalism shown on both occasions was exceptional; you have a great team, a great service and, of course, a great shelving system.
From a graphic designer

I have been raving about the Vitsœ service and product to anyone who will listen.

I have always been a little fanatical about service quality and have never come across a firm that is so joined up on service from the website to the consulting and drawings through to the delivery and installation.
From a director of investor relations

I still can’t quite get my head round how something [extra bits] can travel 3,470 miles, from your warehouse in London to my apartment in New York, in such a short time! Bloody marvellous! Thanks so much.
From a graphic designer who took his shelves to New York

Vitsœ is a phenomenon.
From an architect and music-lover in Edinburgh

Vitsœ has the distinction of being the only company to have delivered on time to us in the last 20 years, so thank you very much for this.
From the warm glow of recent marriage

Your installers, as expected, carried out the installation with military precision and all is 100% as you had promised. Sadly it is rare these days to get such a good level of service from anybody.
From Regent Street, London

…about installing

I’d wondered idly who Vitsœ would have as installers, and had ruled out multiple body-piercings, tattoos and builder’s bum. I hadn’t got as far as an English Lit graduate who writes the music for his own accomplished band, but it stacked up perfectly. He was completely charming, and his work was meticulous to a fault.

Everyone I’ve dealt with has done exactly what they said they would, from the person answering the phone, to you, to your installer. The money side is refreshing, with everything transparently clear and with no inflated prices to accommodate apparently generous discounts. I deplore the haggling culture.
From leafy Wimbledon

Just wanted to thank you for all your work regarding this job. The shelves have now been installed and once again I am a very happy customer. I also attach a photo of the new system for your reference.

Also could you please convey my thanks to the installation team. They were utterly professional and managed to transform what I thought was going to be a terrible day into a very pleasant experience.
From a radio programme producer

My order was ready waiting for me in the porch when I arrived here on Friday. The high quality packing meant that it was all in pristine condition and the excellent instructions made it a pleasure to fix in place this afternoon.
From the Shetland Isles

You guys aren’t exaggerating at all when you say the installation is simple. Vitsoe has exceeded our expectations every step of the way!
from an author in San Francisco

The dismantle and the installation costs feel a bit high, but considering the level of service provided by you and your colleagues, I would not hesitate again to acquire additional shelving for our home. In fact, I have been telling as many people as I can how wonderful the whole process was. I wasn’t around for the dismantle and installation of the shelves, but my nanny was very happy with everything. She is much more critical than I am so I guess that’s good feedback.

From the scheduling, your consultation, installation and the final product that we live with everyday, I cannot find any fault with Vitsœ. I loved every part of the process.
From a modern fine art dealer

A belated thank you for another superb wall of shelves. Your chaps did a superb job, as ever, and left the place spotless. I’ve now just about filled them, and it’s becoming clear that we’re going to have to undergo another serious session of de-acquisitioning.
From the editor of a respected art magazine

Your installers came in and out as though they were on a cloud; I hardly noticed them.
From an art historian

I just wanted to say how absolutely marvellous I think the shelving system is. You did a wonderful plan for our room, which works perfectly in the space.

I wish you could see it now: the whole room looks light, airy and professional and feels so much more spacious (and I think looks great with the Georgian pink colour I chose for the walls behind.) Your fitters were also very helpful. Thanks so much!
From a businesswoman and mother of two

We’ve put up the shelves and they look perfect. My husband was very impressed by the custom-made spirit level which was the precise length as each of the shelves (he’s a builder, so a compliment from him is really something).
From a global technology lawyer

Just to update you about today: your two installers arrived on time (!) and it took your predicted length of time (!) and they were fun and did a fantastic job (!).
From a classical music publisher

Our shelves installed perfectly (I did it and it was as easy as you said) and work perfectly too. I’m delighted with them. Purchase and delivery were straightforward and I returned the packaging the next day to your warehouse.
From a hesitant DIYer

Thank you for arranging our home installation last month – it went very smoothly as always! It’s such a pleasure to work with really professional people from the beginning to the end. Rarely happens, sadly!
From the cutting edge of London’s art world

Apologies for not coming back to you earlier, we intended to but have been slightly side-tracked by the birth of our daughter.

The installation went very well. I wasn’t there, but my wife said that your installation team were fantastic, really helpful, efficient and even complimented us on the arrangement and location of the shelving.

Before our daughter arrived, I must admit that I was spending perhaps too much time looking at the shelves!
From the growing family of a young architect

…about love

Putting up the system went really well, I’m so satisfied. Everything was really extremely organised and it truly is a piece of furniture to love.
From a Swedish coffee-roaster

Is it odd to derive so much pleasure from a shelf?
…and a few months later:

I love these shelves. They are the utility equivalent of the kind of wine you drink on special occasions.
From a sculptor of renown

I love my Vitsœ – even when it’s a mess, it looks tidy.
From a fashion consultant

J’adore Vitsœ!
Yours sincerely from Crawley

I absolutely love the shelves; perfect choice. I was nervous about putting them up myself, convinced it would be a chore too far for my limited DIY skills. But, really, it went amazingly smoothly; the instructions and fittings were all spot on – that spirit level you supplied was a genius touch. I actually enjoyed the process. It was a very satisfying experience in the end.
From Derbyshire’s Peak District

The system looks great. We were impressed with the quality. My wife’s client loves it and may want to order a couple of two drawer cabinets to go directly on a wall. Thanks again for the quality service and product.
From New Jersey, USA

Well, I guess this is my personal declaration of love to Vitsœ and Dieter Rams. And I know for sure this is just the beginning of a long and faithful relationship between us :-)
From a customer in Italy

My Vitsœ is great, I shouldn’t love it as much as I do!
From a Camden architect

I am truly bowled over by your extraordinary service, by the fine quality of your products, by your clear and precise assembly instructions, by your impeccable packaging…

But, more than anything, I LOVE my new Universal Shelving System desk! I hired a young contractor to assemble the unit for me. He arrived at 9am and by noon he was out the door. We were both enormously impressed by all of your materials, tools, gadgets, etc.. And I adore having a desk that’s truly made-to-order for me and my body! Everyone who sees it ‘oohs’ and ‘ahs’!
From the chic elegance of Paris, France

We love you and Vitsœ (and Dieter)!
From a Swedish graphic designer

I love it. Funny how you can love a piece of shelving but then it’s not shelving is it? It’s a statement about life and design or something. It’s so elegant a solution to a complex problem.
From a Hong Kong-based management consultant

The dismantle and the installation costs feel a bit high, but considering the level of service provided by you and your colleagues, I would not hesitate again to acquire additional shelving for our home. In fact, I have been telling as many people as I can how wonderful the whole process was. I wasn’t around for the dismantle and installation of the shelves, but my nanny was very happy with everything. She is much more critical than I am so I guess that’s good feedback.

From the scheduling, your consultation, installation and the final product that we live with everyday, I cannot find any fault with Vitsœ. I loved every part of the process.
From a modern fine art dealer

We are very pleased with our shelves – we put them up without any problems, the manual was clear and I loved the little bag with our name on.

Most of all, we have been impressed by the efficiency of your service and attention to customer relations. It was certainly a much more happy experience than going to ??k?!
From the hilly bit of south London

We just love the Vitsœ. I can’t really think of any glitches along the way or in the design of the furniture. I love the fact that you give clear instructions for self-installation. Frankly, if I can do it, anyone can. The inclusion of a measured spirit level is a stroke of genius! I am fearful that my obsession with Vitsœ could be a costly exercise as now I can see parts of the apartment that would benefit from more.
From San Francisco, USA

Just to let you know that I absolutely LOVE the shelving system. It looks great. Karl was brilliant – he did a fantastic job and has taken some photos to show you.
From a happy customer in the South of England

I LOVE Vitsœ shelving and had the best buying experience there. The guy in the store was charming. And the guys who came to fit the shelves were fantastic.
From the editor of a lifestyle magazine