A higher quality of life

Copenhagen is known for its high quality of life, not the height of its buildings. Our new sixth-floor space in the city’s historic centre is therefore a particularly elevated return to the homeland of our founder Niels Vitsœ.

The view is one good reason to visit us at Borgergade 6: on a clear day you can see across the city’s many spires, beyond the Øresund Bridge and as far as Sweden. While here you can take advantage of our customary service to plan shelves and chairs with an expert planner.

We are particular about where we set out our stalls, always opting for an interesting neighbourhood and a building that raises an eyebrow. From a cobbled NoHo street in New York, via an A. Quincy Jones house in LA, to an arts and crafts-era shop in London. In Tokyo you can find us in Aoyama; in Munich, our shop rubs shoulders with the city’s venerable museums.

Our Copenhagen location is no exception: a neighbourhood of small shops and galleries half-way between Kongens Nytorv and Kay Fisker’s Dronningegården complex. It is indeed a high quality of life. We already feel at home.

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