Shelf life
An exhibition of Central Saint Martins’ jewellery at Vitsœ’s Munich shop.

The shelf life of a product is brought into question when the time comes to throw it away. But Vitsœ thinks it should be considered at an earlier stage: inception. Vitsœ’s designer, Dieter Rams, stated in his ten principles, good design should be long-lasting.

Together with esteemed art school Central Saint Martins, Vitsœ considers ‘shelf life’ in an exhibition of work at its Munich shop by 33 staff and students of the Jewellery Design degree course to coincide with Munich Jewellery Week and Munich Creative Business Week. It’s a great time to be in Bavaria’s capital city.

Central Saint Martins encourages students to have an open mind to what jewellery can be, and to explore and express different responses to the world in their work. You will find energising and brave pieces on shelves, in drawers, hanging from rails and over the back of Vitsœ chairs. The shop will be shimmering – don’t miss it.

Shelf life
Vitsœ Munich
Turkenstrasse 36
80799 Munich

20 February–1 March
10:00–19:00, open Sunday

Thursday 25 February, 16:00–17:00: a talk by CSM’s Lin Cheung and Naomi Filmer

Saturday 27 February, 11:00–12:00: an exhibitors’ tour of the exhibition