Enduring interiors for transient lives

Interior designer Alex Kalita in conversation with Vitsœ’s Andrew Jones

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Has anyone been listening?

Dieter Rams and Mark Adams speaking on the occasion of the opening of Vitsœ’s shop at 21 Marylebone Lane, London

60 years of principled practice

A small, ethical company that has always tried to make a difference.

Harmonising life and work

How Dieter & Ulrike Zipprich nurture the human spirit via rare and precious books

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From punk to Bauhaus

Film-maker Gary Hustwit connects the dots between his DIY aesthetic and Dieter Rams.

Take a seat, or two

Vitsœ’s Lily Worledge and Mark Adams expose the depth of thinking and care needed to create a chair that lasts, expands and contracts.

Design by Vitsœ

The speech delivered by Dieter Rams in 1976 to an audience in New York.

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