The wherever-you-need-it table

The 621 Table is a side table. It is also a technology table, a bedside table – and a coffee table.

Turned on one side, it can slide over the seat or arm of a sofa. It can hold a laptop, whether placed on its upright surface or one of its sides (they are not legs – they are additional surfaces). Placed atop a table, it becomes a moveable standing desk, while arranged in rows it is a table that grows.

This simple and durable design has a surprising range of uses: a versatility belied by its simplicity.

Off-white nesting pair used as a coffee table

What our customers say

“I love the tables. They’re versatile, look great and move around my living room as needed. At Christmas, one temporarily played host to a duck…”

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Two sizes and two colours

Choose a large 45cm or small 36cm height – or both, as a nesting pair – in off-white or black.

Off-white, nesting pair

Nesting pair

GBP 345.00

Off-white, large 621 Table


GBP 195.00

Off-white, small 621 Table


GBP 175.00

A composition of two off-white and two black 621 Tables

A small piece of design history

Dieter Rams designed the 621 Table in 1962 alongside his 620 Chair Programme.

Portrait of Dieter Rams

In 2014 we worked closely with Rams to reengineer the table from the ground up, using new injection-moulding techniques while adding adjustable feet to fulfil an unmet wish of Rams’s.

The table is part of Rams’s constant quest to elevate plastic to be, as he has said, “a noble and long-living material.”

Off-white and black 621 Tables photographed in 1973
Photographed by Ingeborg Kracht-Rams, 1973

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Every 621 Table is made in Britain and ships worldwide.

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