Timeless, movable and constantly evolving

The 606 Universal Shelving System is timeless; it moves with you when you move; and constant additions and improvements ensure that it always caters for today’s needs.

And a fact of which we are especially proud: at any one time, more than half of the orders we are taking are from existing customers.

Each order planned for you – free of charge

No two orders we sell are the same. Accordingly we have pioneered dealing directly with our customers worldwide.

We employ only the best people to plan a shelving system precisely for your needs – online, by telephone or face-to-face. We call this person a planner and you will have your very own planner, often in your own time-zone and language.

Your planner will take as long as necessary to ensure that every detail has been considered so that your shelving system is exactly right for you. This service is free of charge.

It’s a conversation

What our customers say

“One of those rare projects that did not result in any kind of a marital disagreement, just two satisfied people who love the shelves!”

From an American bibliophile
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Tidy up your life

Worldwide delivery

Great care and attention are taken as we assemble your order – quicker than you might expect – just for you.

We then deliver direct to your door, worldwide.

In the Vitsœ workshop assembling orders