Designer shelves, book shelving and 120cm off-white desk with drawer with beech top. Modular Shelving System. Strong shelves for heavy books, printer, filing boxes. Vitsœ 606. Designer Dieter Rams

606 Universal Shelving System

Modular furniture designed by Dieter Rams in 1960, and made by Vitsœ ever since.

Start small. Add to it. Take it with you. Reconfigure it. Hand it on.

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620 Chair Programme

621 Table

Start with an armchair. Add another to make a sofa. Finish with a footstool.

The companion to a Vitsœ armchair …
or any chair, bed or sofa.

Designer modern armchair and footstool. The iconic 620 Chair Programme, Dieter Rams design. Handmade by Vitsœ since 1962
Nesting Side table 621, black. Durable, modern, versatile, stylish. Dieter Rams design, made by Vitsœ

Why Vitsœ?


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For 60 years we have stood up to a world that deliberately designs products to have a limited useful life.

As our furniture is a kit of parts, you can start small, add to it and take it with you when you move.

We do not pander to fashion: our timeless designs work well and look good in every conceivable kind of interior.

We make our furniture and deliver it directly to you, worldwide. We charge a single, fair, honest price.

What our customers say

“There’s something quietly reassuring in buying something you can be certain will outlive you.”

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