A track and a pin

At the core of the shelving system is the aluminium E-Track and a pin.

Shelves, cabinets and tables are all hung from the E-Track by simply slipping the notched pins into position. No tools are needed.

The easy interchangeability of the components encourages either day-to-day rearrangements or complete reconfigurations.

Diagram showing how the E-track, pin and metal shelf fit together

Six colour options

  • Off-white
  • Black
  • Silver
  • Beech and off-white
  • Beech and black
  • Beech and silver

Three interchangeable structures

Wall mounted

The E-Track can be attached directly to a straight and sound wall for a simple and low-cost form of the system.

A wall mounted system

Semi-wall mounted

Alternatively the same E-Track can be attached to an X-Post and stood in front of the wall, held upright by adjustable wall brackets. The system uses just the wall and floor to spread the load and avoid obstructions.

A semi-wall mounted system


If you have no wall nearby, the E-Track may be attached to one or both sides of the X-Post and compressed between the floor and ceiling. Our planners will give you advice regarding acceptable ceiling heights and loadings.

A compressed system

Structure details

See the components that make up the interchangeable structures


Two bay widths

Combinations of these two widths will conform to almost any available space. For example, the system has 27 possible bay combinations for a 500cm-wide wall.

If you expect to load your shelves heavily, our planners will suggest using narrow bays. If you want, say, a row of cabinets to look more elegant, we might suggest wide bays.

Our planners will just need to know from you the width and height of your space and what you need to store or display.

A drawing of 66.7cm and 91.2cm width bays

Four shelf depths

The slender but strong shelves come in four depths.

When combined with the easy adjustment of the vertical spacing between shelves, the system can accommodate almost all storage and display demands.

We suggest taking a moment to measure a few of the items that will go on your shelves. It is time well spent. This will help your planner to plan your ideal system.

16cm deep shelf

For paperbacks and CDs

A 16cm shelf with CDs stored on it

22cm deep shelf

For the rest of your book collection

A 22cm shelf with books stored on it

30cm deep shelf

For larger books, files and display

A 30cm shelf with files stored on it

36cm deep shelf

For coffee-table books and vinyl LPs

A 36cm shelf with LPs stored on it

See all our shelves

We make our metal shelves in four depths. We also make a double shelf and shelf with drawer


How easy is it to install?

Much easier than you might think. We give you all of the correct wall fixings and a few clever tools to help. The only tools you’ll need are a screwdriver and a drill.

Our customers, Matt and Sarah, sent us this video of them installing their first system, and they confirmed what we hear so often:

“It was easier and more enjoyable than I could ever have expected; and the instructions were foolproof.”

Installation service
If you don’t have access to a drill or simply don’t have time to install the system yourself, contact us to see if we can install in your area.

So much more than shelves

A variety of additional cabinets, tables and accessories cater for almost every need.

You can, for example, hang a wall of cabinets in your kitchen; create a sophisticated wardrobe with drawers and hanging rails; or organise your entire home-entertainment system.



Integrated tables

Integrated tables

Desk shelf

Desk shelf

Hanging rail

Hanging rail

Sloping shelf 18º

18º sloping shelf

Sloping shelf 79º

79º sloping shelf

Mounting panel

Mounting panel

Internal shelf

Internal shelf

Drawer dividers

Drawer dividers

Aluminium tray

Aluminium tray

Pencil tray

Pencil tray



Most importantly, you can add extra components at any time in the future, safe in the knowledge that they will be both available and compatible. Reassuring.

See the components in real homes: Gallery

Six cabinet types

See how our cabinets work


Tips and tricks


After a few simple changes your system is ready for a new use.

Shelves have a second hole so that they may be hung either way up

Hide those wires

Some tips to keep your wires neat and tidy

Planning guide

Get to know the system in even more detail

Planning guide (PDF file, 3.6MB)