A track and a pin

The core of the shelving system is the aluminium E-Track and pin.

Shelves, cabinets and tables are simply hung from E-Tracks by slipping the clever notched pins into position – using no tools.

Two bay widths


There are two bay sizes – narrow (66.7cm) and wide (91.2cm) – which combine to conform to almost any available space. For example, there are 27 possible bay combinations for a 5m-wide wall.

Shelves have a usable width of 65.5cm and 90cm.

An intelligent human being

An experienced member of the Vitsœ planning team will help you plan the best configuration of bay widths to fit your wall and give advice regarding your wall and the loading of your shelving system.

Three interchangeable structures

606 wall mounted ID15378

Wall mounted

Simple, strong and good value – the E-Track is attached directly to your wall. Whether your wall is plasterboard or solid, we supply the correct fixings for you.

606 Semi-wall mounted ID15394

Semi-wall mounted

Attaching the E-Track to the X-Post allows obstructed or uneven walls to be used via an adjustable-depth wall bracket.

606 compressed ID9261


Walls not required. The X-Post can also be compressed between suitable floors and ceilings.

Components and prices


Made from anodised aluminium, E-Tracks come in several standard sizes.

Height (cm) EUR

57 44.37
114 57.48
171 70.59
200 77.65
228 87.73

For a single shelf only. The shelf is level with top and bottom of the E-Track. Light loading only, please.

11 22.18

A cabinet is level with top and bottom of the E-Track. Creates the appearance of a floating cabinet.

39.5 32.27


The aluminium X-Post allows E-Tracks to be supported away from the wall. The X-Post is always cut to length for you.

Height (cm) EUR

230 211.76
231 - 260 229.92
261 - 290 248.07
291 - 320 266.22
321 - 350 (max) 284.37

Help with measuring

Contact your planner for advice on selecting the correct length of X-Post for your space. You will need to measure your ceiling height accurately, please.

Six colour options

Planning guide

Our acclaimed planning guide describes the planning process in detail. Download it here.

Planning guide (PDF file, 3.6MB)