Start with an armchair…

Designer modern armchair. The iconic 620 Chair Programme. Comfortable reading chair, linen fabric, blue. Side table 621. Modular shelving system 606. Designer shelves Dieter Rams
Low-back armchair with feet and castors (linen upholstery: marine)

…add another to make a sofa…

Configure your 620

…and take a seat

Designer modular leather sofa, two-seater, designer armchair, elegant, contemporary, 60s style. Designer Dieter Rams. Sofa in a box. Hand-made by Vitsœ since 1962

Dieter Rams designed the 620 Chair Programme as a modular kit of parts. Separate chairs can become a sofa; a low back can be changed for a high back; and a swivel base can replace castors and feet.

Rams speaks of “wanting to achieve the comfort of a classic armchair while remaining visually light”.

Low or high back?

Your modular armchairs and sofas are available with interchangeable low or high backs. The choice is yours.

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High back armchair and footstool, comfortable reading chair uk, linen fabric, colour loden. The iconic 620 Chair Programme. Design Dieter Rams. Hand-made by Vitsœ since 1962
High-back reading chair with footstool and low-back armchair (linen upholstery: loden)

Linen or leather?

Whether you choose the robust softness of linen or the durable patina of leather, the true delight of the 620 comes when you take a seat.

Both are natural materials, one being the woven product of zero-waste agriculture, the other being an ancient example of the use of a by-product. They are available in a limited colour palette to ensure certainty of future supply.

All upholstery can be swapped or replaced without needing to return chairs to Vitsœ. Our reupholstery service ensures longevity … and peace of mind.

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Leather and linen upholstery for armchair and sofas, 620 Chair Programme.
Linen in four colours; leather in six

Swivel, or feet and castors?

The reassuring swoosh of the swivel base is a delight to experience. It will make you smile – while allowing your conversation to flow from chair to chair.

With feet and castors the 620 chairs can be easily relocated: castors at the front, and feet (for hard or soft floors) at the back. Just lift the back to move. Simple.

High back leather armchair, designer modern armchair, comfortable reading chair uk, in black. Modular leather sofa, two-seater, black. The iconic 620 Chair Programme. Design Dieter Rams. Hand-made by Vitsœ 1962.

Add a footstool

Made with the same coil-sprung interior as the chair, the footstool adds to the comfort – either for feet or unexpected visitors.

Choose your footstool

Your kit of parts

Our customers tell us there is a certain quiet joy to assembling their chair. Hopefully you will share this while becoming aware of how simply your chair can be adapted and added to over the years. All achieved using one simple tool.

Materials, dimensions and assembly

Built to last

Armchair base, durable plywood, long-lasting coconut, coil-sprung interior. Made to last sustainable furniture

Your 620 is a comfortable, modern chair, built to last a lifetime and more. The highest-quality materials – many hidden from view – are used throughout to achieve a degree of satisfaction that often surprises the first-time sitter.

Discover the story of 620

What our customers say

“How delighted we are with the glorious Dieter Rams chair. Now that I have ‘parked’ myself in it for the last couple of days, I can write you with genuine experience that the chair is as comfortable as it is beautiful.”

Why 620?

The signs are all around us. Nature is showing its contempt for our disrespectful, disposable way of life. Increasingly we have a responsibility to buy fewer items of better quality – and to make them last longer. Ideally we should buy them directly from the makers, where we are sure of the provenance – and the value-for-money. The 620 chair represents the pinnacle of Vitsœ’s six-decade determination to make, sell and support its products for the benefit of customers, suppliers, employees … and the planet on which we all live.

Our ethos

Explore the options

Take our 620 configuration tool for a spin and design your own chair, sofa or footstool.

Modern designer armchair, comfortable reading chair, minimalist single sofa, 60 style, low back reading chair, in black leather. Modular sofa. Leather, black. Side table nesting pair 621. Designer 620 Chair by Dieter Rams