For many years we have stated that we do not price our products in such a way that we can offer ‘discounts’ against initially inflated prices. And, because our stock does not become obsolete, we never have a ‘sale’.

Fair, honest prices

At Vitsœ we make our own furniture and deliver it directly to you, worldwide. Without middlemen our markup is lower than the industry norm allowing you to receive higher-quality furniture for your money via fair, honest price lists (the only difference between our price lists is the true cost of our administration and packaging to wherever you are in the world).

Standing against inflated prices

Some companies routinely offer ‘discounts’. Yet this ability to offer a generous discount may result from the presentation of a ‘trade price list’ that could contain prices higher – yes, higher – than a ‘retail price list’. At Vitsœ we stand unashamedly against this approach. In short, we have already discounted our prices for everyone.

Buy now, pay later?

We have investigated offering ‘buy now, pay later’ solutions. To cover the costs of such a service it would be necessary to increase prices for every customer, whether or not they use the service. Our conclusion is that it would not be honest to charge all customers for a service that is not used by everyone. (Of course, we always urge customers to buy less at the outset, safe in the knowledge that we will always be here in the future).

Specifying Vitsœ

While our honest-pricing commitment may cost us business we are honoured to work with the best architects and specifiers, many of whom have come to respect us for our transparency. If you would like our help explaining it to your client, please ask.

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